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  • M12 Connector Coding Types and Applications

    2022-04-21 17:47:33

    Many smart friends will find that in waterproof connectors , the arrangement of copper pins is regular. In fact, this is Connector Coding. The current international standard for M12 connectors is IEC 61076-2-101:2012 ( If you need the original English version of the standard, please contact us), according to the anti-insertion coding method, it can be divided into common use A-coding (A-coding/A-code), B-coding, C-coding, D-coding, P-coding, and S-coding , T code, X code;

    A-Coding connects DC, standard 24V DC and standard sensor signal interface, and is also used for CANopen, DeviceNet, CC-Link and other buses.

    connector coding

    B-Coding connects DC signals, Profibus, Interbus and other field buses.

    C-Coding is connected to AC, standard 24V/110V/230V AC, mostly used in the United States;

    D-Coding is mostly used for Ethernet communication such as Profinet, Ethernet, CC-Link IE, etc.

    T-Coding is used for DC power supplies (which will eventually replace A-coded power parts).

    connector T-coding

    X-Coding is used for Gigebit Ethernet.

    connector X-coding

    The following are some practical cases, you can see how these connector codes are used in practical applications.

    m12 connector coding

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